Kauppakatu 11, Heinola, Finland
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Zenestar is a wellness room that is specially designed for care-of-the-body exercises like hot yoga, pilates or chi gong.
Zenestar uses newest technologies in woodwork and smart technology. In Zenestar there is virtual personal trainer available 24/7. We also have ecological wellness mats, made of clean linen. Mats have music and vibration inside. Zenestar really keeps your chi flowing!
And hey, Zenestar can also be used as a traditional Finnish sauna, if you like. Just turn the heat on.


Sauna cabin made of wooden LVL- elements. All surfaces can be customized. Design lightning and heater. Virtual personal trainer available 24/7. Smart tech wellness mats.


Renovation solution that creates a luxury Zenestar wellness experience to already existing saunas.


Smart wellness mats with music and vibration. Textile line made of natural linen. Woodline made of birch veneer.

Our Team

Susanna Halla

CEO, Brand Owner

Susanna is an entrepreneur and innovative interior architect, who has genuine interest in wellbeing and healthy environments. Zenestar lifestyle brand combines Nordic wood design, newest technical innovations and physical exercises, and Susanna loves to knit these matters with great passion, both in her work and private life. Master of Arts and Business Administration. Loves triathlon and sauna.

Karoliina Shalaby

Chief Operating Officer

Karoliina’s profound experience in educational field and traveling business gives her a strong competence in design industry: working in a multiprofessional organization that includes designers, builders and suppliers, is a task which requires exellent scheduling, negotiating and forecasting skills. Karoliina has lived several years in Arabic countries, latest in the United Arab Emirates.

Marianne Valola

Product Designer

Product designer and magazine editor, has also participated in tv-productions related to interior design.  Marianne is interested in customer oriented design and tools that encourage customers and end users to participate in the design process. Her passion is to create delightful customer experiences and learn as much as possible from every project. Master of Arts.